Sewanee and Yale Collaborations

Sewanee-at-Yale Directed Research Program accepts a rising junior

Scott Ward

Sewanee sophomore Scott Ward has earned acceptance to the Sewanee-at-Yale Directed Research Program for summer and fall 2011. A Biochemistry and Russian double-major on the pre-med track, Scott pursues his interests in neuroscience, medicine, and Russian with passion—taking courses not only at Sewanee but beyond, investigating and writing a research paper titled The History of Neurolinguistics, participating in a summer internship involving prosthetics, examining effects of oxidative cellular stress on idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (research with Sewanee’s Assistant Professor of Chemistry Bethel Sharma, with results presented in a poster at Scholarship Sewanee), and studying abroad in Russia. “Scott’s singularly distinguishing quality as a student is his intellectual curiosity. That phrase is often used to describe talented undergraduates, but Scott’s deep interest in disparate subjects indicates a true love of learning and the sustained excitement required for successful intellectual inquiry and research,” commented one of his recommenders. A member of Sewanee’s Order of Gownsmen, Scott also serves on the Sophomore Year Experience Council and is a member of the varsity baseball team.

During his time in New Haven, Scott will pursue a sustained research project with one or more faculty mentors at Yale. He will participate in weekly research meetings, and take two upper-level seminars of his choice from the program’s offerings, receiving a semester’s academic credit (4 full courses) for his work. Scott is especially interested in studying the neurological basis of Alzheimer’s and of autism, and hopes to pursue a related research project under the guidance of one or more Yale faculty members.

The Sewanee-at-Yale Directed Research Program is a joint venture between the Yale Child Study Center/Yale Medical School and Sewanee. This unique collaboration offers select Sewanee students the opportunity to pursue both research and coursework in the setting of a major biomedical research institution and top-tier medical school and university, and to experience the range of opportunities that such an environment has to offer over the extended time period of a semester plus a summer. Approved in principle by the college faculty in April 2009, the idea and support for this innovative program originate with Sewanee alumna Linda Mayes, M.D., Arnold Gesell Professor in the Child Study Center and Profesor of Epidemiology (Chronic Diseases), of Pediatrics, and of Psychology in the Yale School of Medicine. The program is sustained by her efforts and generosity to Sewanee and its students.

More information on the Sewanee-at-Yale Directed Research Program, including application materials, is available.  Sewanee students may also consult its Director, Dr. Karen Yu.