Sewanee and Yale Collaborations

Summer Research Internships at Yale for 21 Sewanee Students

Twenty-one Sewanee students have been awarded research internships at Yale this summer through a program that began with an internship for one Sewanee student in 1996. Developed and administered by Dr. Linda Mayes ’73,  Arnold Gesell Professor of Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Psychology at the Yale School of Medicine’s Child Study Center, the program gives select students the opportunity to join research with dedicated Yale faculty mentors during an 8-week summer period and culminates with a poster session of their work attended by many from across the Yale campus and in some years by faculty and administrators from Sewanee.

At Yale this summer are:

Cortez Brown, ’16 (Biology major)
Abigail Grace Cole, ’16 (Psychology major)
Matson Conrad, ’16 (Economics major)
Ariyan Cox, ’17 (Psychology major)
Hallie Crosby, ’16 (Biochemistry major)
Daniel Gabriel, ’18 (Biology major)
Olivia Glascoe, ’16, (Biology major)
Mary Graham Harvey, ’16 (English major)
Desiree Kamerman, ’16 (Psychology major)
Amy Louise Lee, ’16 (Biology and Anthropology double-major)
Gray Lochbihler, ’16 (Psychology major)
Shelby Meckstroth, ’17 (Ecology and Biodiversity major)
Emily Newton, ’17 (Chemistry major)
Gosife Donald Okoye, ’16 (Biochemistry major)
Petra Richer, ’16 (Biology major)
Hudson Robb, ’15 (English major)
Alysse Schultheis, ’16 (English and Psychology double-major)
Allison Smith, ’16 (Psychology major)
Mary Stolz, ’17 (Psychology major)
Yubisan Ventura, ’16 (Psychology major)
Haley Wilbanks, ’17 (Biochemistry major) 

Two of the above students, Petra Richer and Haley Wilbanks, are participating in the summer internship as a component and continuation of their time at Yale in the Sewanee-at-Yale Directed Research Program, which allows select Sewanee students an extended experience that includes both research and course work over a contiguous semester and summer.