Sewanee and Yale Collaborations

A record number of Sewanee interns this summer at Yale Child Study Center

Under the direction and guidance of Linda Mayes, M.D. (C '73), Arnold Gesell Professor of Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Psychology at Yale Medical School, the Yale Child Study Center internship program has grown from a single Sewanee student in the late 1990's to 8 students last year, to this summer's group of 16. These 16 students will participate in ongoing research projects under the mentorship of Yale Child Study Center faculty and collaborators. Project areas for this summer include: adolescent responses to stress, post-traumatic stress disorder during pregnancy, resilient behaviors among children with serious illness, domestic violence and paternal functioning, a web-based preparation program for children undergoing anesthesia and surgery, neuroimaging studies of adolescents and young adults with gambling problems, genetics of child psychiatric disorders, approaches for establishing early childhood intervention programs in developing countries, the neural circuitry of parenting, development of neuropsychological tests for children, and strategies for enhancing social networking and social support for new parents.

The Summer 2011 Yale Child Study Center interns are:

Chris Hague '11 and Emily Simpson '11 (as part of the Sewanee-at-Yale Directed Research Program, which offers select Sewanee students a semester + a summer at the Yale Child Study Center/Yale Medical School)
Ijeoma Anyanwu '11
Shelby Bartlett '12
Benjamin Burgess '11
Blake Caldwell '11
Jourdan Cooney '12
Alexandra Diaz '12
Catherine Lambert '12
Laura Logan '11
Elizabeth Myers '12
Patrick Platzer '12
Alexandra Soare '13
Grayson Stadler '12
Taylor Stavely '13
Collier Williams '12