Sewanee and Yale Collaborations

Chef Rick Meets with Psyc 230 Students

Rick Wright

On Thursday, April 16, Chef Rick will host Psyc 230 students in McClurg Dining Hall to prepare and learn about Appalachian foods and food culture. 

Chef Rick will be introduce students to Appalachian recipes and discuss the lasting impact of those recipes—specifically: biscuits, cornbread, and the yard-bird or chicken. Students will learn to make Cornbread, Biscuits , and how to cut a chicken and prepare it for frying in cast iron.
In addition, Chef Rick will speak with students about the ancient roots of Appalachian food, the significance of  the indigenous peoples contribution of corn, squash, and beans (the three sisters) to our table, and the importance of community and continuity of food culture and tradition with food. Conversation will also consider how the thinning of our food culture and the disconnection from the family table, and a farm based society, has changed and continues to change  all of our food systems.