Sewanee and Yale Collaborations

Psychology 230 (Formerly Psyc 430) - Child, Family, and Community Development in Rural Appalachia

This interdisciplinary course addresses issues relevant to child, family, and community development in rural southern Appalachia, including (1) social and political history of the region; (2) social psychology and developmental neuroscience of stress and adaptation to stress (e.g., resilience); (3) structure and health of rural Appalachian communities; (4) community infrastructure (e.g., churches, businesses, and other local organizations); (5) design and implementation of intervention and prevention programs to foster neural, cognitive, and social development and mental health in children and families in rural communities. Sewanee faculty and visiting faculty from Yale University teach the course collaboratively. Prerequisites for this CEL course: One psychology course, one CEL course, and at least sophomore status. Course Website:
(Credit, full course)

Art 263 - Documentary Photography

The course introduces students to documentary methods and issues pertaining to photography and related media used in the making of photo-documentaries. Class projects and discussions examine the cultural and socio-political impact of this genre, as well as the genre’s core triangulation points of subjectivity, objectivity, and truth. Community engagement.
(Credit, full course)