Sewanee Semester in Spain

The Sewanee Semester in Spain program focuses on contemporary Spain and its relationship to and membership in the European Union. The program is interdisciplinary in nature, with each course looking at a variety of issues from multiple perspectives.  The program has been carefully conceived and designed for all Sewanee students, no matter their major, who are interested in Spanish culture, life and language. And it is ideal for Spanish majors and minors and for IGS majors/minors with a geographical concentration in Europe and Spanish Language. At the end of the program students will have completed a full Sewanee Semester (16 hours).

Dates:  January 11 - April 30, 2020 (Traveling days included)

Why go in the spring versus the fall?  When thinking about the perfect time to organize a semester-long program in Spain, the department carefully studied all the educational, cultural and travel possibilities, and spring, by those criteria, is the clear winner. Time has proved us right; since we started the focus on Spain in the European Union, Sewanee students were in Brussels when Great Britain presented the Brexit letter to the European Union. Sewanee Students were in Spain when Cataluña decided to become independent, and started a long process that it is still unfolding, and current students will be present for the national elections for the presidency of Spain.

Spain in the European Union is a young program still developing, we learn about Spain and, through Spain, about Europe, because both evolved and are evolving together. The program consists of four full courses:

Spanish 321, Advanced Spanish language: This course is taught by a Spanish professor whose specialty is Spanish Language Acquisition and who is accustomed to working with American students. The professor works closely and individually to help students, to improve their Spanish through conversation, compositions, readings, etc.

Spanish 323, Contemporary Spain: This course is taught by the director of the program and introduces the students to contemporary Spain through history, literature, current events, theater, movies, etc., taking advantage of the city of Madrid as our textbook, laboratory, and classroom.  Constantly unfolding events in Madrid, Spain, and Europe ensure that this course is practical, pertinent, and engaging. This class fulfills a G6 requirement in the language.

INGS 306, Spain in the European Union: This course is offered in English by a Spanish Economics professor. It explores the relationship (effects and results) between Spain and Europe. If you are curious about how a true Spanish university class works, this is it!

Art History 497, Europe: A Community in the Arts: In this course focuses on art history, history, Europe, Islam (yes! Islam is part of Europe too), on how culture evolves. You will be able to see, through art, that the idea of a European Union is a very old one that has evolved through the centuries. This class fulfills a G2 requirement.

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In order to be considered, you must complete and submit all of the forms below by September 30th, plus the forms in the Office of Global Citizenship

* Complete the 2020 Semester in Spain Application

* Give this link to the professor who will write your recommendation   

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The scheduled trips of this program are subject to change according to the political situation of the moment.

We take the security of our students very seriously.