Major in Spanish

The minimum requirement for a Spanish major is ten full courses above Span 300. As the major requires a mastery of Spanish language, Spanish and Latin American literature, and Spanish and Latin American culture, the student is expected to select courses from all of these areas. At least one of these courses must be at the 400-level, though the department strongly recommends several.  Spanish 300 does not form part of the major but serves as the prerequisite for higher-level courses.

The program for majors starts with four foundation courses, two in Spain and two in Latin America:

  • 301 Cultural Survey of Spain I
  • 302 Cultural Survey of Spain II
  • 303 Cultural Survey of Latin America I
  • 304 Cultural Survey of Latin America II

A Spanish major is strongly encouraged to complete this sequence before taking more advanced courses. In addition to these four courses, students need to choose five (5) more courses, including one at least at the 400-level, plus the Senior Seminar. The Senior Seminar is required for all Spanish majors.

In all classes, students will hone skills in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish, engage with the culture of the Spanish-speaking world, and practice critical thinking. The written and oral comprehensive examinations in Spanish form part of the Senior Seminar. The oral comprehensive examination consists of the presentation of the senior thesis.

Majors are required to spend one semester or the equivalent studying in a Spanish-speaking country. Justifiable exceptions will be considered by written petition.

All majors are encouraged to take a year or more of another foreign language.