Sewanee Students Spend Easter Semester in Spain

Dr. Ruth Sanchez along with 8 students will be spending the spring semester studying in Madrid from January 13-April 29. While in Madrid, the students live with families in the same neighborhood of Moncloa, about half way to the Universidad Complutense where they will be taking classes and the center of the city. The students take four classes during their time in Madrid: one grammar-conversation class, one dedicated to an intensive cultural orientation of Spain, followed by a 10-day trip to Andalusia and Morocco.  Upon return, students continue taking courses the other classes, one of them deals with Spain's role in the European Union, and another with European Art. To unite these two classes the students take a trip to locations in Europe that play a key role in Spanish history and contemporary political structure such as Brussels, Masstricht, and Aix-la-Chapelle. After the trip, the students come back to Madrid to complete the semester.