Faculty Research

The University of the South supports faculty who wish to be active scholars and researchers through a full-service grants office staffed by two professional grants officers. In addition, faculty have access to internal funds, which can be used to prepare for the more competitive external funding, as well as university-funded sabbaticals and fellowships. Contact the Dean of the College or your department chair to learn about University-funded fellowships and sabbatical leaves.

External Funds

Sewanee maintains a grants office that helps you navigate the complex task of finding and applying for a grant. The Grants Office manages external funding sources, and grants officers Pollyanne Frantz and Tom Sanders provide numerous services, from discovering grant opportunities to helping write, edit, and submit grants as your authorized organizational representative.  Follow links in the navigation menu for faculty research above to learn more about the process and how we can help you. Beginning early is a key to success, so even if you are not aware of a specific opportunity or direction, contact

Pollyanne Frantz, if you are interested in faculty grants

Tom Sanders, if you are interested in a programmatic grant

See our helpful guide, How to Get a Grant, to launch your search for funding.


Internal funds are available from

  • The Center for Teaching 

The  Center for Teaching offers two kinds of grants. “Mini-grants” are for $500 or less and may be used to enhance your classes. These have funded small field trips, food, speakers, materials, etc. You may apply for these on a rolling basis by emailing Betsy or Deon.

Center for Teaching grants of more than $500 will be awarded in two cycles: some in the fall (for spring projects) and some in the spring (for summer/fall projects). These will be competitive, and they will be awarded for teaching innovation. The CfT advisory board (without the CfT directors) will be responsible for awarding these grants; once their criteria are solidified and proposal due dates are set, they will send out an email announcement with guidelines and instructions. Learn More 

  • Internal Faculty Research Grants
The Faculty Research Grants funds  are jointly administered by the Office of the Dean of the College and the University Research Grants Committee. Faculty members seeking funding for a project must complete an application using an electronic form. Proposals are due roughly in late October and early February. Learn More

  • Kennedy Fellowship
The Kennedy Fellowship provides $13,000 over three years to support research or professional development opportunities. Funds may be used for such things as books, travel expenses to conferences, research expenses, and computer software and hardware. The Dean of the College has final discretion as to the appropriate use of these funds.  Faculty members scheduled for a second or fourth year review are eligible to apply. To be considered for the Kennedy Fellowship, a faculty member must include, among the other materials required for their review, a separate sheet with a brief (one page or less) explanation of how they would use the award. The Promotion and Tenure Committee will advise the Dean on selecting a fellowship winner. Please find full details here
  • McCrickard Faculty Development Fund
The McCrickard Faculty Development Fund supports projects (up to $25,000) that would not normally qualify for awards from the Research Grants Committee, due to their longer-term path of fruition, scope, unusual character, or unallowable expenses, and that are exemplary.
McCrickard projects should meet one or both of these criteria:
    • the project has great potential impact, whether on a significant number of students, for a significant number of faculty, and/or over a significant period of time
    • the project reflects excellence, and generates recognition, at a national or international level.
    • Suitable projects will also, in most cases, align with the broad directions set out in the 2012 Strategic Plan. 
In the event that there are more proposals than can be funded, these criteria will guide the projects selected and the funding levels determined. Further information about the grants, the proposal process, and last year's cycle may be found at mccrickard grants.
Faculty Travel Funds
The annual maximum for all such support is $2,000 , so consider carefully which meeting(s) you can attend. Please submit this form no later than September 30, 2016. Since you may not know the full details about the meeting(s) at this time, tentative plans are perfectly acceptable.