Scholarship Sewanee

Scholarship Sewanee

Student presenting at Scholarship Sewanee

Scholarship Sewanee is a celebration of student research at the University held near the end of each Easter semester.  The 2015 edition featured over 40 oral presentations and performances, and over 75 posters.  Disciplines represented this year ranged from Dance to Physics, English to Chemistry, Spanish to Politics, and everything in between. 

Financial support through an endowment created by Walter E. Nance, C'54 & Mayna Avent Nance in recognition of Dr. Edward McCrady, Jr. allows for both the McCrady Lecture, a keynote address given by a prominent scholar from beyond Sewanee, and the McCrady Prizes.

The 2015 McCrady Lecture, entitled “Renewable Energy Development and Terrestrial and Aquatic Conservation: The New Frontier,” was delivered by Dr. Jeff Lovich of the U.S. Geological Survey Southwest Biological Research Station and Northern Arizona University.

The 2015 McCrady Prizes are:

Speaker’s Choice
Kelsa Warner "Variation In Breakout Mechanisms In Experimental Pahoehoe Flows” (Mentor: Bran Potter)

Best Poster in Behavioral and Social Sciences
1st Place: Jordan Buck and Alysse Schultheis  “Effects of Early Adolescent Methamphetamine and Nicotine Exposure on Behavior and Cognition in Adolescent Mice”  (Mentor: Jessica Siegel)
2nd  Place: Hallie Crosby “Predicting Mentalizing Abilities in Adolescents with N170 Amplitude and Latency”  (Mentors: Helena Rutherford and Linda Mayes, Yale Child Study Center)
3rd  Place:  Britta Carlson, Nathan Warren “The Effects of Error Management Training (EMT) on Critical Thinking”  (Mentor: Timothy Jesurun)

Best Poster in Biological Sciences
1st Place:  Elizabeth Beilharz, “GABA Mediated Regeneration in Zebrafish Retina”  (Mentors: Mahesh Rao and James G. Patton)
2nd Place:  Nakeirah Christie, Hannah Fay, Amy Lee, Jordan Grant, Sheana Algama, Y-nhi Nguyen, Lester Paul Sands, Fridien Nana Tchoukoua “Comparison of toxicity and aggregation of ataxin-3 protein in muscle and neuronal cells of C. elegans”  (Mentor:  Elise Kikis)
3rd Place:  Sydney Philpott and Angelica De Freitas “The Role of Hdacs on Mammary Tumorigenesis”  (Mentor: Alyssa Summers)

Best Poster in Earth and Environmental Sciences
1st Place: Hali Steinmann “Bio-surveying the "Raccoon's Rectum," a Pennington Formation Cave on the University Domain”  (Mentor:  Kirk Zigler)
2nd Place Brooks Allman, Chris Holcomb and John Ward “Long-term land use and soil legacies on the Domain”  (Mentor: Ken Smith)
3rd Place:  Philip Gould “Drivers of Land Management Preferences in the Southern Cumberland Plateau Region” (Mentors: Kristen Cecala and Jordan Troisi)

Best Poster in Math and Physical Sciences
1st Place:  Frank Odom “Modeling and Producing Plasmonic Nanostructures” (Mentor: Eugene Donev)
2nd Place: Luis Tinoco, Fernando Acosta, William Wright, Sonia Francone, and Ena Aguilar “Size characterization and surface modification of monolayer-protected quantum dots” (Mentor: Deon Miles)
3rd Place: Leslie Leiva, Veronica Gordillo-Herrejon and Ava Conner “Monitoring wastewater treatment by a rural facultative lagoon system” (Mentor: Emily White)

Best Presentation in Politics
1st Place (tie):
Kiela Crabtree “Voluntary Associations and Social Capital Among the Homeless:  A Study of the Political Implications of Client-Status” (Mentor: Melody Crowder-Meyer)
James Szewczyk “The Effects of Income Inequality on Political Participation: A Contextual Analysis”  (Mentors:  Paige Schneider and Melody Crowder-Meyer)
2nd Place:  Taylor Yost “Mums the Word: An Analysis of the Portrayal of HIV/AIDS in Mainstream and LGBTQ Media” (Mentor: Amy Patterson)

Best Presentation in History:
1st Place:  Claire Forbes “Challenges and Changes to the Identity of American Catholic Nuns: Reproductive Rights, Gay Rights, and the AIDS Epidemic”  (Mentor: Julie Berebitsky)
2nd Place:  Roger Chase Hagans “The Evolution of Jihad in Constructing a 21st Century Umma” (Mentor: Nicolas Roberts)

Best Presentation in Arts and Humanities
1st Place:  Hannah Boschert “Peace without Reconciliation: Religious Identity, Structural Violence, and the Northern Ireland Conflict”  (Mentor: Sid Brown)
2nd Place (tie):
Ahmad El-Bobou “Franco's Spain in Buero Vallejo” (Mentor: Ruth Sánchez-Imizcoz)
David Terrell “Is Vogue Ballroom a “Sinking Ship”?” (Mentor: Courtney World)