UR Committee

Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee

The undergraduate research effort is funded through endowed as well as annual funds that are the source of most of our student stipends. The largest single source of funding is the Fund for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, which also supports programs of the Center for Teaching (innovative pedagogy) and Community Engaged Learning. The amount of funding is determined each year by an analysis of endowment earnings, previous years' spending, and special request for access to pooled funds.

Once funds are designated for support of the undergraduate research program, policy for spending those funds is set by the Co-Directors of Undergraduate Research and the Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee. For example, a small honorarium may be available to faculty who mentor research students during the summer, and the committee has chosen in some cases to support activities that fall outside the normal funding mechanisms.  

If you have questions or comments concerning the administration of the undergraduate research program, contact the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship