Major in Religious Studies

The major in religious studies is satisfied by the completion of at least 10 religion courses. Required for the major are Relg 301 and a concentration made up of at least three courses in the religious studies department that are united in theme. Students are required to create a theme in conversation with their advisor. Some examples include religion and social power, religion and the environment, textual study in religion, and philosophical approaches to religion. A course outside the department also recommended for religious studies majors is History 298 (History of Islam).

Departmental honors may be conferred on students considered worthy of distinction. Most of the following accomplishments are generally expected: 1) an average of at least B+ with no grade below a B- in religious studies courses; 2) a superior performance on the comprehensive examination; 3) a substantial essay or original project, usually as part of a 444 course, and oral defense or presentation of the work; 4) additional course work in religious studies beyond the minimum requirement, and carefully chosen elective courses in other fields complementing the student’s work in religious studies; 5) ability to use a language other than English in the study of religion.