Locating Psychology Information

PsycINFO 1887-Current

PsycINFO contains the Index and abstracts of scholarly journal articles, book chapters, books, and dissertations in behavioral science and mental health.  Includes a Thesaurus of the standard terms used;  for terms not used, the preferred term is given;  includes broader and narrower terms as appropriate.

Search Options include peer-reviewed, population group, age group, publication year(s)

It is the largest resource of peer-reviewed literature (one search option is to restrict to peer-reviewed articles), including international material in dozens of languages.  Given the difficulty of access to the actual dissertations and the limited information in their abstracts, many students find it helpful to omit dissertations from their searches.

PsycARTICLES 1887-Current

PsycARTICLES is a collection of searchable full-text, peer-reviewed, scholarly and scientific articles in psychology.  It covers general psychology as well as basic, applied, clinical, and theoretical research from 66 journals, published from 1887 to the present.

Useful primarily when you want only the most prominent articles on a topic.  Everything in PsycARTICLES may be found by using PsycINFO.


PubMed is an index of articles in the biomedical sciences;  abstracts are not included.  It includes some life science journals and online books, but its core is MEDLINE … 5,400 journals in the US and abroad selected and indexed by the U.S. National Library of Medicine using their controlled vocabulary (Medical Subject Headings or MeSH).  1960 to the present.

Web of Science

Web of Science is an index to articles in science, social sciences, the arts & humanities.  No abstracts provided.

Search options include Funding Agency and Grant Number.  Can search for articles that cite a particular published article, i.e., "follow-up studies".

Google Scholar 

Google Scholar permits simultaneous search across many disciplines … articles, theses, books, abstracts … from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, and universities.  Some of these items are not ordinarily retrieved by internet searches (GoogleBing, metacrawlers), as special arrangements were made with their publishers.

It ranks the items retrieved according to where published, the author, how often and how recently the item has been cited in other scholarly literature.  It includes some articles available only by subscription;  in theory, all publishers in the Google Scholar database permit free access to the abstract (but there are reports on the web that such is not always the case).  To determine if an article is available in Sewanee (paper and/or electronic), go to the duPont Library main page and enter the Journal Name in the boxJournal Finder (it's worth looking at the drop-down options).

The "Cited by" link shows the pages that have cited the article … sometimes useful when browsing a topic.

For some articles it permits you to look at the table of contents of the journal issue in which the article appears … useful on those relatively rare occasions when a symposium results in a series of articles or a journal devotes an issue to a single topic.

tutorial in using Google Scholar assumes minimal familiarity with electronic search procedures.


WorldCat is the most complete catalog of books and other materials in libraries worldwide.  It indicates if the book is in the duPont Library collection (paper or electronic).

A project of OCLC, which connects the world's libraries.  Includes the holdings of virtually all major national libraries (e.g., The Library of Congress;  Library and Archives of Canada;  The British Library;  Deutsche Nationalbibliothek;  Bibliothèque nationale de France, the National Library of China), the library collections at major universities as well as at hundreds of colleges.

CREDO Reference

CREDO reference searches 3,409,023 full text entries in 587 reference books (as of 3/25/12) … including many reference works in psychology.

The Concept Map enables you to find relationships among terms;  it is an interesting variation on a thesaurus.


PsycCRITIQUES is a collection of nearly 40,000 full-text book reviews featuring current scholarly and professional books in psychology (dating back to 1956).  It also publishes reviews from a psychological perspective of popular films and trade books.

The book reviews are included in PsycINFO.