Careers in Psychology

Academic Careers

Information compiled by the American Psychological Association to assist students interesting in pursuing Academic Careers

Non-Academic Careers

Information compiled by the American Psychological Association on Non-Academic Careers.

Becoming a Practicioner  

For psychology students interested in becoming practitioners … compiled by the American Psychological Association.

Interesting Careers

More than 50 psychologists write about their Interesting Careers in Psychological Science;  compiled by the American Psychological Association;  doctoral-level scientiests describe a variety of career paths.

Careers in Psychology 

Extensive basic description of Careers in Psychology from the American Psychological Association.

Podcasts on Psychology Careers 

A collection of podcasts that showcase the academic, the scientific, and the clinical sides of the field … from the American Psychological Association.

Pearls of Wisdom

13 Pearls of Wisdom from seasoned psychologists for the early career psychologist … from the American Psychological Association.

Private Sector

21 Psychological Scientists in the Private Sector describe their work … from the American Psychological Society.

Nursing Careers for Psychology Majors 

A wide variety of information for psychology majors about careers in nursing . . . from the Nursing Degree