Dr. Jordan Troisi to receive national award for Teaching Excellence

Assistant Professor Jordan Troisi will receive the 2016 Jane Halonen Early Career Teaching Excellence Award given by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (Division 2 of the American Psychological Assoc.) at its Annual Conference on Teaching, in October.  In addition to an award citation, a plaque, and a check, Dr. Troisi is encouraged to talk individually with those attending the conference.  He will also serve as a judge for the 2017 awards.

The Society encourages excellence in teaching by making awards most years in six categories:

  • 4-year colleges or universities, the Robert S. Daniel Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2-year colleges, the Wayne Weiten Teaching Excellence Award
  • high school, the Mary Margaret Moffett Memorial Teaching Excellence Award
  • first 7 years of full-time teaching at any level, the Jane S. Halonen Teaching Excellence Award
  • graduate student, the Wilbert J. McKeachie Teaching Excellence Award
  • Adjunct Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

The five award criteria for those holding an appointment at a 4-year institution are

  • Effective teaching
  • Mentoring student professional development
  • Advancing teaching and learning through scholarship
  • Advancing teaching and learning through service
  • Training high school, community college, and college/university teachers

Examples of recent publications by Dr. Troisi.  When he agreed to join the Department in January of 2014, this website described his credentials after three years of full-time teaching.

The McKeachie award included both graduate students and those early in a full-time teaching career from its inception in 1980 through 2004.  The early career category was awarded separately 2006 through 2008;  in 2009 it was named for Dr. Halonen.  Bill McKeachie is arguably the most respected teacher of –as well as researcher on– undergraduate psychology.  He is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the Univ. of Michigan;  his most notable book, Teaching Tips, is in its 14th edition (2013).  Professor of Psychology (Univ. of West Florida) Jane Halonen, Ph.D., discovered “The fabulous Teaching Tips by the fabulous Bill McKeachie” in her first year of teaching;  she most enjoys teaching introductory psychology – and has done so for nearly every year of her career while maintaining an active research program.  In 2001, Dr. Halonen was the co-editor of the first of more than 20 e-books published by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology:  The Many Faces of Psychological Research in the 21st Century.  She served as President of STP 1999-2000 and was instrumental in the development of The Guidelines for the Undergraduate Major in Psychology, which was adopted as policy by the American Psychological Association in August of 2006.