Troisi is the Invited Speaker on the teaching of psychology at the 2015 annual meeting of SEPA

Assistant Professor Jordan Troisi will give The Society for the Teaching of Psychology’s Invited Talk at the annual meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association …

Navigating the Life of the Mind (Together):

A Scholarly Look at Pedagogy, Relationships, and the Intersection of the Two

[abstract]  In American culture, going off to college is often viewed as a rite of passage.  But a rite of passage is designed to be a profound experience, and college is often a mundane one:  showing up to classes on time, picking a major, preparing for a job after college, and so on.  So how can we turn this mundane experience into a profound one?  How can professors light a flame in their students, engender a passion for lifelong learning, and transform students not only into good workers, but into good, inquisitive people?
The speaker will present new and peer-reviewed data on effective practices in college education, particularly as it pertains to the teaching of psychology.  His view on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is informed by research in relationship science, and the ways in which relational variables may enhance learning and its motivational underpinnings.  This talk will examine three primary questions directed at improving student learning:
1) what can teachers do?
2) what can the mentors of teachers do?   and
3) what can students do?
Drawing from numerous theoretical backgrounds, as well as rich experimental and national survey data, the speaker will provide perspective on these questions and argue that effective relational practices are a crucial factor in transformational student learning.

Dr. Troisi is active in the 1,700 member Society for the Teaching of Psychology, where he will be the 2015 Chair of the Early Career Psychologist Council.  [The Society is Division 2 of the American Psychological Association, which has almost 130,000 members and 54 interest subgroups called Divisions.]  He joined the Department this fall after three years as Visiting Assistant Professor at Widener University.

The 61st annual meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association will be held March 18–21, 2015 at the Westin Hilton Head Island Resort in South Carolina.  It will feature eight Invited Speakers (including Dr. Troisi) as well as poster sessions, papers, panel presentations, and workshops for continuing education.