Summer Activities of the Psychology Majors and Minors

Nineteen psychology majors / minors in the classes of 2013 and 2014 have told us what they are doing this summer … many positions will provide information on possible careers, the most important of which is "do I really want to do this type of work the rest of my life?"  Many internships also provide the opportunity to put into practice concepts learned in courses.

  • intern in the NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates at Virginia Tech … one of ten undergraduates researching societal violence under the direction of Virginia Tech faculty  [the specific project, supervised by Dr. James Ivory, is "Reinforcing Anti-Violence Attitudes through Exposure to Violent Media Content"]
  • Fund for Innovative Teaching and Learning (FITL) Research Intern … student-faculty teams in collaborative or mentored scholarly research projects on the Sewanee campus … one studying "delay / temporal discounting effects in a variety of parent-child contexts" with Dr. Karen Yu … another studying "effects of methamphetamine exposure on the brain and behavior of mice" with Dr. Jessica Siegel
  • intern at the Yale Child Study Center … working with a researcher in the Center, ending with a formal presentation of the project  [two majors;  also one major will begin her Sewanee-At-Yale Directed Research Program this summer]
  • intern at Walrus, an advertising agency in New York City  [Business & Economics - Wilson  internship]
  • intern at New York City’s Child Mind Institute, which is dedicated to transforming mental health care for children who are displaying signs of psychiatric and learning difficulties
  • a supervisor and team leader … of teens working with the District of Columbia Public Library (DC Summer Youth Employment Program)
  • counselor at Chattanooga Zoo’s Summer Zoo Camp (9- to 11-year-old group) … interactive week-long program of animal education, peer building activities, environmental awareness in the context of fun and games
  • shadowing physicians in a hospital;  and working as a patient transporter
  • working with Renewal House, an addiction treatment facility for women and their children in Nashville  [while I do not plan on focusing specifically on addiction in my career as a social worker, I do plan on working mostly with women;  I know that addiction plays a huge role in the lives of many women seeking help in tough domestic situations, and I could not be more excited for this first practical exposure to the type of career I hope to pursue as my life's path]  [Career Exploration - Stephenson internship]
  • volunteering with Tesoros de Dios [“God’s Treasures”], a ministry in Managua, Nicaragua that serves 80 children (and their families) with a variety of development disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Hydrocephaly, Autism, and Brain Damage  [this student is a Spanish minor, so is "excited to improve my language skills"]
  • shadowing a nutritionist in Atlanta to see if I possibly am interested in going into this career
  • working with Be the Change-Kenya, a nonprofit working to empower local existing organizations and youth to be able to help themselves instead of being dependent on external aid  [Tonya Public Affairs internship]
  • intern in a congressional office in Washington DC
  • ACE internship with Duke University Talent Identification Program at Texas A&M University
  • working with the Mayor's Office and county government in Franklin County TN  [Tonya Public Affairs internship]

The Career & Leadership Development office provide assistance not only in locating internships but also with funding.  Of particular importance is funding offered by Sewanee "for otherwise unpaid internships" … it makes it possible for you to say, "please offer me a supervised internship this summer, but you won't have to pay me."  Some 165 Sewanee students received such stipends for the summer of 2011.

In summer 2011, seventeen majors held one of the Sewanee internships.

  • Lizzie Butler '12 used her Arts Internship with Maptote in Brooklyn NY
  • Jordan Rothschild '12 was a Business & Economics Intern at Mission Media, Baltimore MD
  • Dani Kabbes '12 used her Business & Economics Internship at the Southeastern Conference in Birmingham AL
  • Claire Elliott '12 [Political Science major, Psychology minor] held a Tonya Public Affairs Internship in the office of U.S. Congressman John Yarmuth in Washington DC
  • Lindsey Thomas '11 was a Tonya Public Affairs Intern at the Nature Conservancy, Birmingham AL
  • Duncan Varner '11 used his ACE (A Career Exploration) Internship at the Empire Construction Corporation in Knoxville TN
  • Sarah Haroldson '13 was an ACE Intern at Promise Zone in Columbia SC
  • Jay Hill '11 [majored in Economics and Psychology] used his ACE Internship at Oppenheimer Funds, Inc. in Boston MA
  • ACE Medical Internships (with alumni of the University) … seven psychology majors were interns at the Yale Child Study Center;  two other psychology majors completed their Sewanee-At-Yale Directed Research Program in summer 2011