Research opportunity for Sewanee students at Yale


For over ten years, Linda Mayes, M.D. (C ‘73), Arnold Gesell Professor of Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Psychology at Yale Medical School, has offered highly-coveted summer research internships to Sewanee students. Beginning the spring of 2011, the new Sewanee-at-Yale Directed Research Program will allow select Sewanee students the opportunity to spend a contiguous semester plus summer conducting research with Dr. Mayes and her colleagues at the Yale Child Study Center, a division of Yale Medical School. As part of the program, students will work closely and directly with one or more faculty mentors at the Yale Child Study Center. In addition to pursuing a sustained research project during their time in New Haven, students will participate in a research methods seminar and an advanced level seminar of their choice. Students may earn academic credit for their semester research and coursework at Yale, and will be paid a modest stipend to support their summer research. In addition to this new program, Dr. Mayes plans to continue to offer the summer-only internships that have been so valuable to Sewanee students.

The Sewanee-at-Yale Directed Research Program offers an unparalleled opportunity for Sewanee students to be directly and substantially involved in cutting-edge research at a top-tier, research-intensive medical school and university, and to experience the opportunities that such an environment has to offer over the extended time period of a semester plus a summer. “Linda Mayes has already given so much to Sewanee and its students. With the Yale Directed Research Program, not only has she created another remarkable opportunity for Sewanee students, she has also developed a wonderful model for partnerships and interactions between small liberal arts colleges and research-intensive universities and medical schools. We are incredibly excited about this new program,” said Karen Yu, Associate Professor of Psychology and Sewanee’s Director of the Yale Directed Research Program.

Photo: Dr. Linda Mayes (left) at work in the Developmental Electrophysiology Laboratory of the Yale Child Study Center (photo courtesy of the Developmental Electrophysiology Laboratory, Yale Medical School)