Student-faculty research presented at APS conference

Associate Professor of Psychology Karen Yu spent last weekend in Washington, D.C., where two poster presentations of Sewanee student-faculty research were given at the annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science (APS).

Threatening impairment: Assessing effects of diagnosis threat on computerized cognitive screening tests by Matthew Hagler '13, and Yu was presented Sunday afternoon, May 26. [Subject Area: Cognitive;  Keyword: Applied Experimental]:  To examine diagnosis threat in the context of concussion screening tests, we induced negative performance expectations in some athletes by presenting research findings showing cognitive impairment in contact sport athletes. Other athletes read of research showing no cognitive impairment. Comparatively, negative performance expectations resulted in slower but more accurate performance.

Hagler also presented his research at the 2013 Scholarship Sewanee, where it earned second place in the Behavioral and Social Sciences category.

Hey, can you watch my stuff? A study of change blindness during real world interactions by Audrey Cooney '13, Alex Ginsburg '12, Jack Kelle '12, Sarah Kelly '13, and Yu was presented Saturday afternoon, May 25.  [Subject Area: Cognitive;  Keyword: Attention]:  Many people fail to notice if someone is replaced by another during an interaction. Is change blindness reduced when individual identity is more important—e.g., when someone requests that you watch his or her belongings? Most participants do not notice when a different individual returns to retrieve even valuable belongings.

APS filmed a brief segment of Kelle presenting the team’s “Hey, can you watch my stuff?" findings and posted it on the organization’s YouTube channel.  The poster was also presented at 2012 Scholarship Sewanee.

Student travel to the Convention was supported by the University’s Office of Undergraduate Research and by the Psychology Department.  Dr. Yu’s travel was supported by the Faculty Development Fund administered by the Dean of the College.