Five papers at the Southeastern Psychological Association conference

Eight students and three Sewanee faculty were involved in presentations at the March 2010 Convention of the Southeastern Psychological Association at the Chattanooga TN Convention Center.

The students were Michael Brady '09, Rachel Kravitz '09, Elizabeth Magrath '10, Daniel McKelvey '10, Kaki Nix '10, Emily Simpson '11, Lucy Taylor '10, and Ann Thomasson '09.

  • Brady, M.; Kravitz, R.; Magrath, E.; Thomasson, A.; & Bardi, C. A. Comfort seeking: preliminary psychometrics of a new measure.
  • Hamby, S.; Nix, K.; & De Puy J. Adapting dating violence prevention for Francophone Switzerland. (Finalist, Outstanding Professional Paper Award)
  • Hamby, S.; Taylor, L.; Finkelhor, D.; & Turner, H. Perpetrator gender patterns for 22 forms of youth victimization.
  • McKelvey, D.; & Hamby, S. Demanding too much from demand-withdraw? Methodological issues in assessment.
  • Simpson, E. The effect of nominal political affiliation on comparative rankings of romantic attractiveness. (Advisor, Karen Yu)

The faculty were Associate Professor C. Albert Bardi, Research Associate Professor Sherry Hamby, and Associate Professor Karen Yu. Also University of New Hampshire faculty: Professor of Sociology David Finkelhor and Associate Professor of Sociology Heather Turner. Jacqueline De Puy is at Université de Lausanne (Suisse).

Travel support provided by the Director of Undergraduate Research through the Fund for Innovative Teaching and Learning.