Dr. Helen Bateman and two students present at APS


Research at Sewanee led to a poster presentation at the 22nd Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Science in Boston MA in May 2010.

The "Living on the Edge: A Guide to Risky Behavior" poster session included Bateman, H. V., Jennings, S. A., & Rothschild, A. J. with the Development and Community Research Group.  In the Eye of the Beholder?: the importance of drinking for social acceptance in college.

College students' ratings of how likely a prospective student was to 'fit in' a college setting based on her/his level of drinking was predicted by students’ perceptions of how alcohol use was related to their own social acceptance/isolation in their college. [APS abstract]

Dr. Helen Bateman is Associate Professor of Psychology and Chair. The principle students are Shameka Jennings '11 and Jordan Rothschild '12.