New Members of Psi Chi

At the end-of-the-academic-year departmental luncheon on April 21, faculty advisor Dr. Jordan Troisi inducted the following new members of Sewanee's chapter of Psi Chi—the International Honor Society in Psychology.  Each was presented with a membership certificate and pin.  A total of 240 undergraduates have now been initiated at Sewanee.

  • Elise Anderson ’16
  • Thaddeus Barney ’16
  • Caroline Gebhart ’16
  • Izzy Harrison ’15
  • Garrett Heatherly ’16
  • April Kosakoff ’16
  • Megan McDowell ’17
  • Alli Smith ’16
  • Colton Treadwell ’16

Kosakoff is a double major in Psychology and Women’s & Gender Studies;  Treadwell is a double major in Psychology and Art.

Psi Chi was founded in 1929 (at the Ninth International Congress of Psychology, held at Yale University) for the purposes of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology.  The 9th International Congress – meeting over Labor Day weekend – is arguably the most impressive gathering of psychologists in the history of the discipline:  722 from North America (almost ¾ of the total APA membership) and 104 international psychologists from 21 countries.  As President of Yale, James Rowland Angell (a leader of the Chicago functionalist psychologists) welcomed the group;  on his second visit to the United States, Ivan Pavlov gave a notable address (in Russian, translated into English by G.V. Anrep).  Notables included Charles Spearman (England);  Wolfgang Köhler, Kurt Lewin, William Stern (Germany); Êdouard Claparède, Jean Piaget (Switzerland); Lev Vygotsky (USSR);  and from the U.S., APA President Karl Lashley, Congress President James McKeen Cattell, Mary Calkins, Joseph Jastrow, Christine Ladd-Franklin, Lewis Terman, Edward Thorndike, Margaret Washburn, Arnold Gesell, David Wechsler, Florence Goodenough, and Robert Yerkes.

Psi Chi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is an affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Association for Psychological Science (APS).  It has chapters at about 1,100 senior colleges with about 690,000 lifetime members.  [Its “sister” is Psi Beta, the National Honor Society in Psychology for Community and Junior Colleges.]  In 1985 it established its first international affiliate chapter at the University of British Columbia;  today it has 15 chapters in 8 countries (Barbados, Canada, Egypt, Guatemala, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, the Russian Federation, and Trinidad & Tobago) and two U.S. Territories (Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands).  Qualifications for Psi Chi membership are

  • Must be at least a second-semester sophomore
  • Must be enrolled as a major or minor in a psychology program or a program psychological in nature
  • Must have completed at least 9 semester hours of psychology courses
  • Must have an overall GPA that is in the top 35% of their class based on rankings within sophomore, within junior, or within senior classes (if the cut-off for the top 35% is below 3.00, the applicant must have an overall GPA of at least 3.00)
  • Must have a psychology GPA that is at least 3.00 on a 4-point scale

Current students who earned membership at an earlier date are

  • Sarah Atwood ’15
  • Emily Culbertson ’15
  • Daniel Fortner ’16
  • Jiawen Liang ’16
  • Gray Lochbihler ’16
  • Cameron McLauchlan ’16
  • Shelby Monahan ’15
  • Alysse Schultheis ’16
  • Rachel Schuman ’15
  • Lindsay Selden ’15
  • Pete Thomas ’15
  • Jaclyn Valadka ’15

Fortner is a double major in Psychology and Natural Resources & the Environment;  Schultheis is a double major in Psychology and English;  Schuman is a Politics major with a minor in Psychology;  Selden is a double major in Psychology and Spanish.