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Anlyan Center (Yale)

Petra Richer, one of two Sewanee students currently at Yale participating in the Sewanee-At-Yale Directed Research Program, writes:

"During the past few weeks I have been reading various reviews on the history of genetics research in Tourette's sydrome to better understand the lab work that I am doing. I have also gotten a chance to shadow Dr. Fernandez in the Child Study Center reviewing case histories, seeing patients, and discussing treatment options for them. This experience has been a great complement to my lab work, and an interesting way to understand the symptoms that patients present. 

In the lab, we are working to confirm rare de novo mutations in trios (affected child, unaffected parents) to better understand how genetics plays a role in the disease. Hopefully this will shed light on the various biological pathways that are involved in Tourette's and provide new therapeutic targets to make treatment more effective."
The photo is of Yale's Anlyan Center for Medical Research and Education, where Petra is working on research under the mentorship of Dr. Thomas Fernandez.
Haley Wilbanks, the other Sewanee student at Yale in this program, earlier wrote about her first few weeks.