Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds

Professor Helen Bateman and her students will be discussing the Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds after-school program as part of the Farm to School Symposium:  Planting seeds of change on Tuesday, March 27 in Convocation Hall.

The symposium features Antony Geraci, Executive Director of Child Nutrition for Memphis City Schools, and his extensive work in school lunch reform, the focus of which is the improvement of public health and local economies through the school lunch program.

The Symposium is sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Education's School Nutrition Program, part of a national movement.  The day-long symposium also includes a presentation on the rebuilding of a farm at St. Andrews-Sewanee School (farm manager Vivian Gray) and creating a Food Hub (Jess Wilson, farmer and market manager of the Cumberland Farmer's Market).

The Sewanee-based Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds after-school program has as its goal to improve students' knowledge of healthy eating options and exercise, and to help students make better lifestyle choices.