Graduation 2015

Bachelor’s Degrees numbered 347 at The Convocation for the Conferring of Degrees from the College of Arts and Sciences on May 10, 2015.  Psychology majors accounted for 29 of the 281 Bachelor of Arts and 6 of the 66 Bachelor of Science degrees.  Two Psychology minors received Bachelor of Arts and three Psychology minors received Bachelor of Science degrees.

The Psychology faculty warmly congratulate these new alumni. 

Among the psychology majors and minors specially recognized at The Convocation were:

  • Shelby Monahan:  B.A. Summa cum Laude with honors in Psychology;  Phi Beta Kappa
  • Rachel Schuman:  B.A. Summa cum Laude with honors in Politics;  Phi Beta Kappa  [Psychology minor]
  • Emily Culbertson:  B.S. Magna cum Laude with honors in Psychology
  • Sarah Herbert:  B.S. Magna cum Laude  [Psychology minor]
  • Lindsay Selden:  B.A. Magna cum Laude with honors in Spanish
  • Pete Thomas:  B.A. Magna cum laude with honors in Psychology;  Phi Beta Kappa
  • Sarah Atwood:  B.A. cum Laude with honors in Psychology
  • Jordan Buck:  B.S. cum Laude  [Psychology minor]
  • Britta Carlson:  B.A. cum Laude
  • Bobbe Chaffin:  B.A. cum Laude  [Psychology minor]
  • Grace Cobbs:  B.A. cum Laude
  • Izzy Harrison:  B.A. cum Laude
  • Katy Housley:  B.A. cum Laude
  • McKenzie Jones:  B.S. cum Laude
  • Laura Laine:  B.A. cum Laude
  • Daxi Liang:  B.A. cum Laude
  • Allison Michalek:  B.S. cum Laude with honors in Psychology and honors in French & French Studies;  Linda Wheat Grant [for graduate studies] in France
  • Kyle Montes:  B.A. cum Laude
  • Jaclyn Valadka:  B.A. cum Laude
  • Mary West:  B.S. cum Laude
  • Austen Zoutewelle:  B.A. cum Laude with honors in Psychology;  Clarence Day Award for extensive involvement in and an immeasurable commitment to Community Service

Degree awarded with two Major Fields of Study

  • Justin Hawke:  Psychology major;  Economics major
  • Allison Michalek:  Psychology major;  French & French Studies major
  • Lindsay Selden:  Psychology major;  Spanish major

Those with a Minor Field of Study or a Certificate in addition to a Major in Psychology

  • Britta Carlson:  Business minor
  • Zakeria Clark:  Education minor
  • Grace Cobbs:  Biology minor
  • Emily Culbertson:  Education minor
  • Francisco Guzman:  History minor
  • Katy Housley:  Anthropology minor
  • McKenzie Jones:  Biology minor
  • Laura Laine:  Religion minor
  • Blain Lewis:  Religion minor
  • Channing Marshall:  Education minor
  • Elise McCullough:  Education minor
  • Shelby Monahan:  Art minor;  Women's and Gender Studies minor
  • Kyle Montes:  History minor
  • Hilary Smith:  Education minor;  Theatre Arts minor
  • Waddy Stryker:  Asian Studies minor;  Religion minor
  • Pete Thomas:  Music minor
  • Jaclyn Valadka:  Neuroscience minor
  • Nathan Warren:  Neuroscience minor
  • Mary West:  Politics minor
  • Jack Whaley:  Business minor
  • Ben Yunker:  Business minor

The Major Field of Study for those with a Minor in Psychology

  • Jordan Buck:  Biochemistry
  • Bobbe Chaffin:  International and Global Studies
  • Sarah Herbert:  Biology
  • Jack Myer:  Geology
  • Rachel Schuman:  Politics

2015 Graduates who have been inducted as members of Sewanee's chapter of Psi Chi—the International Honor Society in Psychology:

  • Sarah Atwood
  • Emily Culbertson
  • Izzy Harrison
  • Shelby Monahan
  • Rachel Schuman
  • Lindsay Selden
  • Pete Thomas
  • Jaclyn Valadka