Graduation 2011

Bachelor's Degrees numbered 335 at The Convocation for the Conferring of Degrees from the College of Arts and Sciences on May 15, 2011.  Psychology majors accounted for 32 of the 285 Bachelor of Arts and 9 of the 50 Bachelor of Science degrees. Seven Psychology minors received Bachelor of Arts degrees, one the Bachelor of Science.  The Psychology faculty warmly congratulate these new alumni.

Among the psychology majors and minors specially recognized at The Convocation were:

  • Sarah Clark:  B.A. Summa cum Laude with honors in Psychology;  Phi Beta Kappa
  • Chris Hague:  B.A. Summa cum Laude with honors in Psychology;  Phi Beta KappaCharles Hammond Memorial Cup—for the male athlete who best exemplifies excellence in scholarship and leadership
  • Joan Ingles:  B.A. Summa cum Laude with honors in Psychology;  Phi Beta Kappa
  • Kathryn Cochran:  B.A. Magna cum Laude with honors in Psychology
  • Jay Hill:  B.A. Magna cum Laude with honors in Psychology and honors in Economics
  • Mary Griffin Fry:  B.A. Magna cum Laude
  • Jenny Robb:  B.A. Magna cum Laude with honors in Psychology and honors in Spanish;  John Flynn Outstanding Female Intramural Athlete of the Year Award
  • Emily Simpson:  B.A. Magna cum Laude with honors in Psychology
  • Lindsey Thomas:  B.S. Magna cum Laude
  • Emma Armstrong:  B.S. cum Laude
  • Anna Baker:  B.S. cum Laude
  • Cathy Bryson:  B.S. cum Laude  [Psychology minor]
  • Chetna Chandrasekaran:  B.A. cum Laude
  • Lin Chen:  B.S. cum Laude with honors in Psychology
  • Lauren Croasdaile:  B.A. cum Laude
  • Hadley Mates:  B.S. cum Laude
  • Mary Mazyck:  B.A. cum Laude with honors in Environmental Studies: Policy
  • Corinne Niemann:  B.A. cum Laude
  • Caitlin Alderfer:  B.A. with honors in Art;  John McCrady Memorial Award—for excellence in Art  [Psychology minor]
  • Jonté Bouchard:  B.A. with honors in French Studies  [Psychology minor]
  • Chalankis Brown:  B.A.;  Barron-Cravens Cup—for the outstanding male athlete;  James Young Perry, Sr. C '18 Award—for the football player exhibiting exemplary character and sportsmanship;  Michaux Nash Award—for outstanding performance in men's track  [Psychology minor]
  • Laura Logan:  B.S. with honors in Psychology

Degree awarded with two Major Fields of Study

  • Jay Hill:  Psychology major;  Economics major
  • Katy LeBlond:  Psychology major;  History major
  • Mary Mazyck:  Psychology major;  Environmental Studies: Policy major
  • Caroline McNair:  Psychology major;  Theatre Arts major
  • Jenny Robb:  Psychology major;  Spanish major

Those with a Minor Field of Study in addition to a Major in Psychology

  • Mike Boller:  Education minor
  • Chetna Chandrasekaran:  Business minor
  • Lin Chen:  Biology minor
  • Sarah Clark:  Spanish minor
  • Lauren Croasdaile:  Education minor
  • Heather Dunham:  Education minor
  • Elly Ferrell:  Spanish minor
  • Mary Griffin Fry:  Anthropology minor
  • Chris Hague:  Classical Languages minor
  • Joan Ingles:  Spanish minor,  Education minor
  • Shameka Jennings:  Business minor
  • Ann Kennedy:  Spanish minor
  • Miki Kotevski:  Philosophy minor
  • Laura Logan:  Biology minor
  • Catie Lynch:  Political Science minor
  • Lindsay Maxwell:  Education minor
  • Caroline McNair:  Education minor
  • Caitlin McNaughton:  Education minor
  • Emily Nicholson:  Education minor
  • Miriam Pate:  Religion minor
  • Leigh Anne Pickett:  Education minor
  • Lindsey Thomas:  French Studies minor

The Major Field of Study for those with a Minor in Psychology

  • Caitlin Alderfer:  Art major
  • Jonté Bouchard:  French Studies major
  • Chalankis Brown:  Political Science major
  • Cathy Bryson:  Biology major
  • Emily Detmer:  International and Global Studies:  Francophone World Area Studies major
  • Tate McNeilly:  Economics major
  • Suzie Mellinger:  Political Science major
  • Isiah Robinson:  Political Science major