Graduation 2008

Bachelor's Degrees numbered 348 at The Convocation for the Conferring of Degrees from the College of Arts and Sciences on May 11, 2008. Psychology majors accounted for 28 of the 300 Bachelor of Arts degrees. Three Psychology minors received Bachelor of Arts degrees, one the Bachelor of Science. The Psychology faculty warmly congratulate these new alumni.

Among the psychology majors specially recognized at The Convocation were

  • Tsveti Apostolova: B.A. Summa cum Laude with honors in Psychology and honors in German and honors in Economics; Phi Beta Kappa
  • Daniel Hinkle: B.A. Magna cum Laude [minor in Psychology]
  • Jane Johnson: B.A. Magna cum Laude with honors in Psychology; Phi Beta Kappa
  • Kaitlyn Stavish: B.A. Magna cum Laude [minor in Psychology]
  • Annie Vesper: B.A. Magna cum Laude with honors in Psychology; Phi Beta Kappa
  • Sara Bergeron: B.A. cum Laude
  • Erin Carlini: B.A. cum Laude
  • Mary Cline: B.A. cum Laude
  • Stephanie Goodwin: B.A. cum Laude
  • Katie Pigg: B.A. cum Laude
  • Mary Katherine Stone: B.A. cum Laude
  • Grace Tucker: B.A. cum Laude
  • Bradley J. Waffa: B.S. cum Laude [minor in Psychology]
  • Sam Kennedy: Clarence Day Community Service Award (to a senior who has had extensive involvement in and shown an immeasurable commitment to community service. "Instigated lasting change on the Sewanee campus and the surrounding communities. On campus, Sam made headway fighting against the challenges faced by the LBGT community. Sam was also a strong proponent of women's rights. In the surrounding community, Sam was instrumental in the creation of a Cumberland Plateau business directory to stimulate economic growth in the area. The University benefitted from Sam's ability to confront challenges.")

Degree awarded with three Major Fields of Study

  • Tsveti Apostolova: Psychology major; German major; Economics major

Those with a Minor Field of Study in addition to a Major in Psychology

  • Trent Bailey: History minor
  • Sara Bergeron: Education minor
  • Erin Carlini: History minor
  • Clare Easterlin: Spanish minor
  • Stephanie Goodwin: Education minor
  • Crockett Hale: Education minor
  • Peyton Hutchins: Education minor
  • Jane Johnson: Women's Studies minor
  • Sam Kennedy: Women's Studies minor
  • Kaitlyn Lillick: Political Science minor
  • Cary Marks: Anthropology minor
  • Katie Pigg: Education minor
  • Nancy Potekhen: Education minor
  • Carla Reed: Spanish minor
  • Mary Katherine Stone: Education minor
  • Lindsey Sturges: Education minor
  • Grace Tucker: Education minor
  • Lauren Womack: Education minor
  • Emily Wright: Women's Studies minor

The Major Field of Study for those with a Minor in Psychology

  • Martha Beckmann: History major
  • Daniel Hinkle: Philosophy major
  • Kaitlyn Stavish: Political Science major
  • Bradley J. Waffa: Biology major