Faculty & Staff

Brandy N. Tiernan

Assistant Professor of Psychology / Chair of Neuroscience Program
B.A., University of North Texas; M.A., Western Kentucky University; Ph.D., Iowa State University


Brandy Tiernan has taught at Sewanee since 2015. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of North Texas, an M.A. in Experimental Psychology from Western Kentucky University, and Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Iowa State University.

Dr. Tiernan’s primary research goal is to understand cognition and emotion in healthy individuals, and to examine the behavioral and neural bases of disturbances in cognitive control and emotional processing.  She studies the underlying mechanisms of attention, memory, decision-making and emotion using a combination of behavioral and event related brain potential (ERP) methodologies. Professor Tiernan aims to understand more about (a) how cognition and emotion influence one another, (b) the impact of increasing age on the interaction of cognition and emotion, and (c) how cognitive processes are disrupted with respect to emotional dysfunction.

Dr. Tiernan is recruiting motivated and reliable research assistants for The Emotion and Cognitive Control Laboratory (ECCL) at Sewanee. ECCL lab members conduct literature searches, recruit participants, design experiments, administer psychological and cognitive tests, and collect and analyze data for EEG/ERP and behavioral studies.

Interested students should email ECClab@sewanee.edu. Applicants should be at least a sophomore with a minimum 3.0 GPA, responsible, meticulous, and committed to volunteering for two consecutive semesters for 5-9 hours a week. 

Courses offered

225  Cognitive Neuroscience
251  Research Methods and Data Analysis (lab)
355  Affective Neuroscience (lab)
414  The Social Brain