Paul Boardman '88

Along with my Psychology degree, I also majored in English at Sewanee.  Then I earned an M.A. in the Writing Seminars at The Johns Hopkins University, with a focus in writing poetry (my thesis was a collection of poems).    Then I went to film school at the University of Southern California in the M.F.A. film production program (writing, directing, cinematography, editing, producing, etc.).

After attending the schools listed above, I worked at odd jobs (SAT tutor, law office assistant, part-time English teacher, driver, rock video P.A.) for a few years while writing scripts for little or no money, and submitting short films to festivals.  Then I sold my first script to a major studio, and I've worked steadily since then as a screenwriter and film producer.

Spending time with my wife, Lawton Brewster Boardman (Sewanee B.A. Psychology, 1988) and our children, Paul, Jr. (11) and Annabel (14).  We all enjoy sports, art, music, theater, hiking and the outdoors, acting/performance, travel, reading, movies & TV.  My kids and I are collectors (comics, pulp magazines, maps, books, etc.)  My wife loves to do gymnastics, ballet, and modern dance.  We love our very needy dog, Molly.   4/30/14

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