Millie Lamb '78

Masters of Business Administration, 1993 - Samford University, Birmingham, AL.

I wanted to get a graduate degree in Psychology, but I never took Experimental Psych so I couldn't pass the GRE back then.  I couldn't touch the rats, much less cut them open to examine their brains!  I signed up for the summer job at the bank again right after graduation - teller job - while I tried to figure out what I wanted to do.  I took some undergrad courses at UAB for several years, dabbling in Education and Business.  Ultimately, I committed to the MBA program at Samford University.  And I am still working for the bank (name changed a couple of times), and now I manage a program for about 150 branch operations managers throughout our 16-state footprint.  I use what I learned as a psych major on a daily basis!   3/26/14

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