H. S. Meade Gwinn '69

M.S. in Counseling, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1977.

From Rehabilitation Counseling for the Commonwealth of Virginia and also in the private sector, I entered the insurance career field and continued my education.  I earned the Chartered Life Underwriter designation;  and then expanded into the financial planning field and earned my Certified Financial Planner designation as well.

I am now retiring from this career by the end of this year, and will enter the volunteering stage of my life.  My goal is to "teach" financial management to junior and senior high school students;  and possibly sailing as well.  It's been a very good life for me, thus far, and my four years at Sewanee were those years in which I truly matured and found myself!

latest pursuits:  To continue learning, expanding my horizons, and working to make a difference in someone else's life.   3/21/14

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