Alex Marsden '06

is a Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, one of the world's largest (73 offices worldwide) and most successful management/strategy consulting firms.

He is currently assisting the Single Gene Disorder and Disability branch of CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in an effort to develop a uniform interdisciplinary set of standards in the care of Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients through scientific literature and expert panel consensus.  For this effort, he has contributed to the Orthopedic/Surgical and Gastrointestinal/Nutrition Work Groups.  Alex is also the Section Lead for the Psychosocial Work Group. As such, he has performed an extensive literature review and analysis, and has synthesized data collected from the expert panel.

During his seven months at Booz Allen, Alex has also served as Resume Section and Qualifications Section Leads for a $100M proposal effort. He has assisted a highly quantitative strategic alignment project for the IRS. Alex has been nominated for and received three internal awards during this time. He has recently discovered that he will be up for promotion upon his one year anniversary with the firm (the absolute earliest date that he could be promoted), making him the youngest level 2 in the Atlanta office and potentially one of the, if not the youngest, level 2 in the 17,000 person corporation.

Alex writes: "My background in psychology has been simply essential, and has afforded me the opportunity to serve as a Section Lead for my current CDC project. This opportunity absolutely would not have been a possibility without such a background."     posted 9/4/10

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