This program provides a strong foundation in general psychology and offers opportunities for more in-depth exploration in specific areas, equipping students with the analytical skills, multiple perspectives, and research methods needed to fully understand and pursue a psychology career.

Survey, seminar, and upper-level courses are not predetermined—students choose these courses according to their individual interests, focusing on the type of psychology they find most intriguing. Course offerings include Psychology of Personality, Industrial Psychology, Infancy and Adulthood, Psychology of Human Diversity, Pseudopsychology, Animal Behavior, Cognitive Illusions, and Psychology of Gender, among many others.


Brain Awareness Week
March 21, 2018
Brain Awareness Week events are March 26-30
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Professor Seip-Cammack to Receive APA Award
January 22, 2018
Congratulations to Kate Seip-Cammack on the D. G. Marquis Award
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