Participatory Art Event with Pippa Browne

Friday, Mar, 31 2017 — 12:00 PM
At: Greenspace Gallery (green building behind Woody's Bike Shop & Shenanigans)

All are invited to come to the Greenspace Gallery between noon and 8:00pm to make art from boxes as part of Pippa Browne's performance and visual art exhibit, "Boxes, Beings, and Buying."  Children are welcome with an adult. This event is in conjunction with the Mellon Globalization Forum's 2nd Annual Interdisciplinary Conference: "A Sense of Space and Place: Global and Local Perspectives."  Download the full Conference Program: "A Sense of Space and Place: Global and Local Perspectives" here.

Pippa Browne's Comments on the Redefining of the Space and Place of Contemporary Consumption:

My idea of an interpretive dance and a community "repurposing" art activity is inspired by the trend in online purchasing. According to Madeline Farber in her article "Consumers are doing most of their shopping online" (Fortune online magazine, June 8 2016), analytics firms are finding consumers are buying more things online than in stores with an increase of at least 4% in the last two years. This trend behooves a change in the place of purchasing as well as a change in how these goods enter into our lives, the form they take and the space they occupy.

As the place of purchasing has an impact on the activity of purchasing, so it does on the experience we have of our purchases on their delivery. Delivery not only gives us the object purchased but also an unbidden phenomena; the object that the purchase is conveyed in and that is the box. The arrival of a box in the home often carried with it an aura of excitement but as more goods are ordered online this relationship has changed especially since many mundane commodities are acquired this way. Whatever emotion the delivery of the goods evokes one things is ubiquitous; not only is there a new item to accommodate in the space we occupy but rearranging of this space, and the box, is necessary. Breaking down and recycling are the usual way of dealing with this but sometimes the box takes on a totally new purpose. It is this new purpose that we will be exploring in our community art activity. Participants will be encouraged to renegotiate the usual space a box occupies into something that inspires them whether it be two or three dimensional and these reconfigured objects will form the back drop and props to the dance project.


Browne was born and lived most of her life in Zimbabwe, Africa. In 1985, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in fine art and psychology and a post-graduate diploma in education from the University of Natal, South Africa. While she was teaching in Zimbabwe, her art was regularly selected for the Zimbabwean National Heritage exhibitions at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, and she participated in solo and group exhibitions in other galleries in Harare.  In 1995, Browne started illustrating children's books for the publisher Barefoot Books of Bath, UK.  Between 1996 and 2000, her illustrations were selected for a number of international traveling exhibitions. Browne has shown her paintings in galleries in Salinas, CA, Memphis and Sewanee where she now lives.

The conference “A Sense of Space and Place: Global and Local Identities” and associated events have been co-organized by the Mellon Globalization Forum, International and Global Studies Program, Office of Global Citizenship, and Sewanee Writers’ Conference. The organizing committee includes Justyna Beinek (International and Global Studies and Russian), Nicholas Roberts (History and International and Global Studies), Kelly Whitmer (History), and Scott Wilson (Politics). We extend special thanks to Sara Nimis, Print Services, Megan Roberts, and Helen Stapleton. Images in the conference materials courtesy of Pradip Malde and Brock Gordon. All events are free and open to the public.


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