"Son of Saul", introduction and Q&A with Dr. Justyna Beinek

Monday, Apr, 25 2016 — 7:30 PM

Son of Saul poster

The Mellon Globalization Forum invites all to the eighth screening in its "About the Body: A World Film Series", titled Son of Saul (dir. László Nemes, 2015, Hungary), with an introduction and Q&A with Dr. Justyna Beinek.

"How do you find a fresh perspective on the Holocaust? In his first feature, 'Son of Saul,' the Hungarian director Laszlo Nemes chose to depict the enormity through the specific. For most of the 107-minute fiction film, the camera remains fixed on the face of one inmate at Auschwitz-Birkenau as he races around the death camp trying to bury a boy he believes is his son. [...]

"'Son of Saul' has won praise from Claude Lanzmann, whose 1985 documentary, 'Shoah,' Mr. Nemes had grown up watching, and who in 1994 had famously written about 'Schindler’s List' that the Holocaust was 'unrepresentable' in a fiction film. In an interview at his home in Paris, Mr. Lanzmann, 90, gave 'Son of Saul' and Mr. Nemes his blessing. 'I think it’s a very new film, very original, very unusual,' Mr. Lanzmann said. 'It’s a film that gives a very real sense of what it was like to be in the Sonderkommando.' [...] Other French intellectuals have also weighed in. The philosopher Georges Didi-Huberman wrote a 25-page open letter to Mr. Nemes that has been published as a small book. It begins: 'Your film, ‘Son of Saul,’ is a monster. A necessary, coherent, beneficial, innocent monster.'”

- Rachel Donadio, "In ‘Son of Saul,’ Laszlo Nemes Expands the Language of Holocaust Films," The New York Times (December 14, 2015)


The World Film Series is sponsored by the Mellon Globalization Forum and the SUT in conjunction with the conference “Why All the Fuss about the Body?”: Local and Global/ized Bodies (April 11-16, 2016). Free and open to the public.

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