Minor in Medieval Studies


Students interested in Medieval Studies can pursue a minor, which provides much of the interdisciplinary experience and mentorship of the Medieval Studies Major. The Minor requires six courses, one of which must be MDST 400: The Medieval Colloquium Seminar. Taught every other Easter semester in conjunction with the Sewanee Medieval Colloquium, a yearly gathering of medievalists from around the country and the world at Sewanee, MDST 400 involves an interdisciplinary approach to the topic of Colloquium, and involves collaboration with scholars visiting for the Colloquium. The course will also provide a capstone research experience for Medieval Studies Minors. The other five courses are drawn from our regular listing; our goal is to provide students with a variety of experience, across time, geography, and discipline. 


Requirements for the Minor in Medieval Studies

The minor requires successful completion of the following:

Course Requirements

Medieval Studies

MDST 400Medieval Colloquium Seminar (4 hours)

Select a total of five of the following courses with at least one course from three of the four areas of art history, history, literature, and philosophy (20 hours).

Art History

ARTH 320 Medieval Art and Architecture

ARTH 322 Art and Devotion in Late Medieval and Early Modern Northern Europe


HIST 303 Constructing Christendom: the West from Constantine to the First Crusade

HIST 304 Medieval Europe I

HIST 305 – Medieval Women in Their Own Words

HIST 365 Medieval England I

HIST 366 – Medieval England II

HIST 368 – Saints and Society in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

HIST 369 – Muslim Spain: Glory, Decline, and Lasting Infuence in Contemporary Spain

HIST 402 – China

HIST 496 – History and Religion in Medieval Europe


ENGL 301 Anglo Saxon Language and Literature

ENGL 350 – Medieval Drama and Its Legacy

ENGL 351 Medieval English Literature

ENGL 352 Chaucer

FREN 401 Early French Literature

LATN 405 Medieval Latin

SPAN 322 Introduction to Medieval Spain and the Road to Santiago

SPAN 330 – Middle Ages in Spanish Culture and Literature

SPAN 334 – The Culture of Chivalry


PHIL 302 – Medieval Philosophy

Total Semester Hours: 24

Students are required to complete the course associated with the Sewanee Medieval Colloquium’s seminar, during which the student must produce a significant research paper. Students must also take part in the events associated with the Colloquium, including attending and participating in the Colloquium’s seminar and in the meeting with the seminar’s director. Students must present their research publicly, at Scholarship Sewanee or a similar event. The paper or project submitted for the MDST 400 – Medieval Colloquium Seminar will also be evaluated independently by the Medieval Studies faculty to determine whether it qualifies the student for the Minor in Medieval Studies. Other upper-level courses with a medieval focus or courses taken abroad may count with permission from of the Chair of Medieval Studies. Courses from European Studies may count toward the minor as well. Students are particularly encouraged to attend the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Oxford University