Faculty & Staff

Aymeric Glacet

Professor of French and French Studies and Chair of the Department
Maîtrise, D.E.A., Docteur ès lettres, Lille 3 University (France); Ph.D., Emory University


Aymeric Glacet is Professor of French and French Studies. His areas of specialization are twentieth- and twenty-first century French and Francophone literature, and visual culture. He received a Ph.D. from Emory University in May 2003, and obtained the degree of Docteur ès lettres from Lille 3 University (France) in December 2004. This research led to the publication of a book entitled Claude Simon Chronophotographe ou les onomatopées du temps at the University Press of Septentrion in May 2007. In 2013, the same publisher released his latest book, Albert Camus au Quotidien. Professor Glacet teaches courses at all levels, and it gives him great pleasure to stimulate his students’ interest in majoring or minoring in either French or French Studies. His specialization is twentieth-century French literature (prose, theatre, poetry, and literary criticism), but he also teaches early French literature, the history of French cinema, as well as Francophone culture and literature of North Africa and the Caribbean.

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