History of the Department


Class of 2013 members Erin Brahm and Paul Choi were this year’s recipients of the Senior Hooke Prize in Mathematics.  Following graduation, Erin has a National Science Foundation Fellowship in chemistry at University of California at Berkeley, and Paul is doing military service in South Korea.  Class of 2015 members Bronte Goodhue and Brandon Miller received the annual Hooke Prize for Achievement in Calculus.  Twelve mathematics and computer science majors received their degrees in May 2013.

Georgi Kapitanov, a graduate in the Sewanee class of 2007, gave the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Homecoming Lecture, “Solving Cancer – an Introduction to Mathematical Biology”.  He is a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics at Purdue University. 

The 2012-13 Sherwood Ebey Lecture was given by Rayid Ghani of the Sewanee class of 1999 on “The Role of Data Technology, and Analytics in the Presidential Election.”  Ghani was chief scientist in the Obama for America 2012 campaign, focusing on analytics, technology, and data.

Matthew Rudd received tenure and promotion to the rank of Associate Professor, and Lucia Dale was promoted to the rank of Professor.  Professor Emily Puckette was recognized by the Society of Sewanee Scholars in 2012-13 for her innovative and compassionate approach to teaching and learning.  Professor Linda Lankewicz returned to full-time teaching in the Department following her ten years of service as the University Provost.  Her successor as Provost, Professor John Swallow, will teach a calculus course in 2013-14. 

Assistant Professor Matthew Rudd directed a summer 2013 research program with undergraduates Elizabeth Corey, David Evans, Brita Brudvig, and Megan Poole.
Associate Professor Doug Drinen and Professor Emily Puckette had leading roles in the development of a college-wide general education system that is new for 2013-14.
The Bridge Program in Math and Science, a three-week residential program for high school students interested in math and science and who could potentially bring diversity to the Sewanee campus as college students, was held in June 2013.  Professor Emily Puckette directed its mathematics component.