History of the Department


Ed Burger of Williams College gave last year’s Ebey Lecture in April, speaking about number theory and about mathematics generally.This year the Ebey lecture was held in October, when Keith Devlin of Stanford University spoke about the findings of his book entitled The Math Gene. Devlin, the “Math Guy” on PBS, also spoke about some interesting mathematics lying behind certain plots of the popular TV series Numb3rs.  Both speakers drew appreciative audiences.

The annual homecoming lecture this year will be given by Nick Bennett, class of '91, who will talk about the role played by mathematics in the oil business. Nick, who gave our first homecoming lecture ten years ago, began working for Schlumberger after completing a thesis on wavelets.

Catherine Cavagnaro is spending the fall on sabbatical leave working with colleagues at UTSI on the aerodynamics of spin. Lucia Dale and Emily Puckette will be on sabbatical in the spring. These leaves have allowed us to invite Mozhgan Mirani, who recently received her doctorate at Vanderbilt, to teach with us in 2006-07. Doug Drinen was named Sewanee’s Teacher of the Year by the Society of Sewanee Scholars, a group consisting of students with merit scholarships.

(Submitted by William Priestley, 2006)