History of the Department


Edwin Gerber, who majored in mathematics and chemistry, was valedictorian of the class of 2000 and is now at Princeton University in Applied and Computational Mathematics. Two of his classmates in computer science, Katharina Probst and Elena Eneva, are now in graduate school at Carnegie-Mellon and William Duncan, another computer science major, is studying information systems at UT Knoxville.

Sewanee’s new vice-chancellor is Joel Cunningham, formerly president of Susquehanna College, who received his Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Oregon. Our department is happy to have Joel and his wife Trudy, who also has a degree in mathematics. Each will offer a course for us this spring. In January we look forward to welcoming Lucia Dale as a permanent member of our department, Lucia just received her Ph.D. in computer science from Texas A&M University, specializing in motion planning (with applications to robotics) and in parallel computation.

Marcia Clarkson and Linda Bright Lankewicz journeyed to India this summer to teach computer science at Bishop Moore College, whose students have been on-line with ours in a distance-learning course connecting Kerala and Sewanee, Linda presented a paper on anomaly detection to the Tulane Engineering Forum in September.

Several of Sherwood Ebey’s former students returned to Sewanee last spring to mark Sherwood’s retirement. Max Morris, a statistician at Oak Ridge who has collaborated with Sherwood in the past, gave the Annual Mathematics Lecture on that occasion. Weina Jiang, Class of ’95, also gave a talk in Sherwood’s honor. Chris Hammond, Class of ’98, gave the Annual Homecoming lecture this fall, speaking on Bloch spaces.

(Submitted by William Priestley, 2000)