History of the Department


Anne Katherine Jones, salutatorian of the class of 1998 and a double-major in mathematics and chemistry, has been named Sewanee 23rd Rhodes Scholar and is now studying chemistry at Oxford University. Anne also won a National Science Foundation fellowship. Two of her 1998 classmates, Chris Hammond and Matt Cathey, are now studying mathematics at the University of Virginia and the University of Tennessee, respectively.

Catherine Cavagnaro is working on knot theory and group theory at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana on a post-doc taken for the 1998 calendar year. In addition, she and Will Haight are among the associate editors of a proposed new dictionary of mathematics.

Mac Priestley has a paper on Markovian semigroups in a recent issue of the Semigroup Forum.  A second edition of his elementary textbook, re-titled “Calculus: A Liberal Art,” was published by Springer-Verlag this spring. Laurence Alvarez has been elected treasurer of EDUCAUSE, the association resulting from the consolidation of Educom and CAUSE.

Stephen Puckette, recently retired, was awarded an honorary D.Sc. degree by the University of the South for his distinguished service to the college as professor of mathematics and as dean. An avid outdoorsman, Steve also served as coach of Sewanee’s Canoe Club for some twenty years, during which time his team consistently won the Southeastern championship in trials on the Nantahala River, except for one year when they finished a close second.

The 1998 Annual Mathematics Lecture was given by Tommy Wright, chief statistician of the U. S Bureau of the Census, who spoke about using statistical methods as an aid in taking the census for the year 2000.

Ciprian Foias, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at Indiana University, will visit Sewanee in late November as a Phi Beta Kappa lecturer.

(Submitted by William Priestley, 1998)