Major in Mathematics 

The standard entry-level course is Mathematics 101 (Calculus I). Students entering Sewanee with a strong background in mathematics may be invited to enroll in Mathematics 102 (Calculus II), Mathematics 207 (Multidimensional Calculus), or a more advanced mathematics course.

A major in mathematics must successfully complete the equivalent of Mathematics 101, 102, 207, 210, 215, and successfully complete the following two requirements:

  1. Six advanced mathematics courses selected from differential equations and mathematics courses numbered 300 or above. Math 444 may only be used in fulfillment of the mathematics major requirements with the advance approval of the instructor. These courses must include:
    • One course from two of the following three areas: abstract algebra or algebraic number theory, real analysis or complex analysis, topology.
    • One two-course sequence selected from the following: abstract algebra, analysis, topology, probability and statistics.
  2. The comprehensive exam in mathematics has three parts: a written exam covering Calculus I, Calculus II, Mathematics 207, 210, and 215 which students are expected to take at the beginning of their junior year; the senior talk; and an oral exam taken during the senior year.

Majors are strongly encouraged to take Computer Science 157.

A mathematics major with an average of at least 3.5 in mathematics courses numbered 200 and higher may elect to apply for departmental honors. Those who complete an independent study project and a paper approved by the faculty, present the paper in public, and earn an honors grade (A or B) on the comprehensive examination receive departmental honors at graduation.  See Honors.