Honors in Mathematics 

Declaration of intent to do honors and a proposal of the honors project with the approval of a faculty advisor is due to the department chair by December 1.

1. Paper
• The honors paper is not necessarily based on the student’s original mathematics research.  The content may be based on the student’s research from a previous summer program, such as an REU.  Or it may be based on explorations of an area of mathematics not normally covered in courses at Sewanee but of a depth that the faculty advisor deems worthy of honors.
• There is no set page length requirement.
• The paper is submitted prior to two weeks before the last day of classes of the second semester.
• The paper is read and approved by 3 department members.
• Final edits suggested by the faculty reviewers must be submitted by the last day of exams of the second semester, after which a copy of the paper is given to the University Archives.

2. Presentation
• In addition to the student’s “senior talk” required for the major, the student presents an honors talk on material covered in the honors paper.  This talk is prepared with the faculty advisor (similar to the preparation of a senior talk with practice talks, etc). 
• The talk is given after the student’s senior talk, typically in the second semester of the student’s senior year.
• Both the senior talk and honors talk may be based on the same area of mathematics, where the honors talk pursues the topic presented in the senior talk more deeply. 
• No grade is given for this talk.

3. GPA Requirement
• The student must have a final GPA of 3.5 or higher in math courses numbered 200 or higher.

4. Overall comps grade
• The student must earn a B+ or higher as a final comps grade.