2013 Hooke Prize in Mathematics

At Commencement, Erin Nicole Brahm, C'13, of Huntsville AL and Yechan Paul Choi, C'13, of Kampala Uganda received the annual Robert Hooke Prize for Outstanding Performance in Mathematics. The prize is awarded to a graduating student majoring in mathematics . The prize is named for statistician and former Sewanee professor of mathematics Robert Hooke who wrote the popular book, How to tell the Liars from the Statisticians.

Past recipients of the Hooke Prize for Outstanding Performance in Mathematics are

2012  Prashanta Kharel and Mary Michael Forester
2011  Anna Tracy
2010  Thu Le
2009  Philly Williams and Cong Lu
2008  David Sprehn
2007  Georgi Kapitanov
2006  Grace Kennedy and Rokas Venckevicius
2003  Clay Shonkwiler
2002  John Sears
2001  David Rose
2000  Edwin Gerber
1998  Christopher Hammond and Anne Katherine Jones
1997  Kostadin Angelov Basamakov