Faculty & Staff

William E. Engel

Nick B. Williams Professor of English
Gailor Hall 135 / ext. 1361

Derek Ettensohn

Assistant Professor of English and Humanities
Gailor Hall 15 / ext. 3197

Yuliya Ladygina

Teaching Assistant Professor of Russian
Gailor 220, Ext. 1367

James Ross Macdonald

Associate Professor of English
Gailor Hall 129 / ext. 1338

Shelley MacLaren

Director of the University Art Gallery and Curator of Academic Engagement
Dr. Shelley MacLaren is the Director and Curator of Academic Engagement of the University Art Gallery and a visiting assistant professor in Humanities and Art, Art History and Visual Studies. Her major field of research is Italian Late Medieval and Renaissance Art, and her minor field is Modern Architecture. Dr. MacLaren’s primary research focuses on the intersection between poetic and pictorial invention in the early fourteenth century, most specifically in the work of the lawyer, poet and designer of allegorical images Francesco da Barberino.

Christopher Michael McDonough

Alderson-Tillinghast Chair in the Humanities
Gailor Hall 18 / ext. 1519

Andrew P. Moser

Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Carnegie 203C / ext. 3350

Terry Papillon

Dean of College, Professor of Classical Languages
Walsh-Ellet 123 / ext. 1248

Stephen B. Raulston

Professor of Spanish, Chair of the Spanish Department
Gailor Hall 236 / ext. 1526

Donald Rung

Associate Professor of French and French Studies
Gailor Hall 217 / ext. 1521

Alyssa R. Summers

Chair and Associate Professor of Biology, Director of Office of Medical and Health Programs, Director of Summer Bridge Program in Biomedical Sciences
Spencer Hall 177 / ext. 1856

Jeffrey Thompson

Associate Professor of Art History and Department Chair
Director, Interdisciplinary Humanities Program
Carnegie 307 / ext. 1493

Eric Thurman

Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Chair of Religious Studies
Walsh-Ellett 207 / ext. 1351