Robin Rotman

Robin Rotman, Rhodes Scholar, ‘04

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Gerrit M. Lansing

Gerrit M. Lansing ‘07: "I didn't take Humanities to launch a career, though its proven useful almost every day; didn't take it because the professors were easy--they were tough, and as I soon found, Sewanee's best; I didn't take it because all my friends were taking it--though I met my best friends during it. I took Humanities because the idea of reading and learning most of the best books ever written sounded fun and interesting. It turned out to be one of my favorite parts of my time at Sewanee."

Leslie Perry

Leslie Perry ‘07: "The Humanities program boasts two years of inspiring lectures, stimulating group discussions and challenging assignments on the major events and works of Western culture. I expected as much when I enrolled, but what I underestimated was the impact those four classes would have on my life and future as a physician. The ability to interpret, understand and thus appreciate the world around me is invaluable in my daily interactions with patients. Although medical school has prepared me to understand and treat disease, it is my understanding of the human condition that allows me to treat the person." Leslie is due to graduate from The University of Alabama medical school in 2011.

Maggie Dunlap

Maggie Dunlap ‘14: “Sewanee's English Department has a well-deserved reputation for creating and encouraging good writers. I worried that I would miss out on this promise by choosing the Humanities sequence. Instead I found quite the opposite; I feel confident in my ability to write about anything convincingly. Humanities gave me that confidence. The Humanities sequence is also ideal for "big picture" thinkers like me, allowing students to trace the arch of history and connect seemingly disparate phenomena. Only in Humanities would a single class discussion include conquistadors, the Muppets, and Blade Runner. The sequence's focus on modes of thinking, and how these influence identity and self-concept, led me to pursue Political Science as a major and Religion as a minor.”

Jesse Schupack

Jesse Schupack, ‘11 - Watson Fellow, Ph.D. student in Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame

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Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams ‘14, President, Order of Gownsmen

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