Winners Announced for Freshman Prize in Historical Writing

The essays will be published in a special “Freshman” issue of the department’s undergraduate history journal, The Mountain View.

The chair of the department, Dr. Woody Register, who served as judge with Dr. Carmen McEvoy, called the experience of reading these students’ work “a delightful and rewarding way to spend a week in May.”

“Nothing pleases a history professor more than a smart, well written, and thought-provoking history essay,” Register said. “We had many nominations from our faculty, but these nine essays were exceptional demonstrations of advanced historical thinking and writing.”

The following, all now sophomores in the College, are the winners:

  • Elizabeth Beilharz, of Spicewood, Texas, who was nominated by Dr. Charles Perry for her essay comparing Europeans’ reactions to the two World Wars.
  • Amy Buice, of Savannah, Georgia, who was nominated by Dr. Julie Berebitsky for her essay on the nineteenth-century women’s publication, Godey’s Lady’s Book.
  • Emily Clutter, of Athens, Georgia, who was nominated by Dr. Andrea Mansker for her essay examining the historical significance of Enlightenment innovations in social behavior and ideas.
  • Lily Davenport, of Westerville, Ohio, who was nominated by Dr. Julie Berebitsky for her essay comparing how “landscape” inspired three women activists.
  • Dave Dermon, of Franklin, Tennessee, was nominated by Dr. Kelly Whitmer for his essay on the modernizing impact of gunpowder in early modern Europe.
  • Linda Kleinfeld, of Macungie, Pennsylvania, was nominated by Dr. Houston Roberson for her essay on Henry David Thoreau’s advocacy of civil disobedience.
  • Olivia LaRussa, of Birmingham, Alabama, was nominated by Dr. Roger Levine for essay on the Romanticism in Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring.
  • Lauren Lyons, of Lakemont, Georgia, was nominated by Dr. Kelly Whitmer for her essay on the nationalist politics of the Grimm brothers.
  • William Stokes, of Orange Park, Florida, was nominated by Dr. Susan Ridyard for his essay on the politics of sainthood in medieval Europe.