Cultivating the Ideal Citizen: Childhood, Space and Design in Enlightenment Pedagogy

On Friday, October 23rd, at 3 pm in Gailor Auditorium, Dr. Diana Ramirez-Jasso will give a public lecture called:
“Cultivating the Ideal Citizen: Childhood, Space and Design in Enlightenment Pedagogy”
Her lecture will focus on an ideal educational space or Denklehrzimmer designed by the Prussian educational reformer Christian Heinrich Wolke in 1805.  It will study this space as a deployment of the idea, cultivated in enlightenment circles in Europe since the eighteenth century, that architecture and didactic objects could serve as privileged instruments in the education of a new kind autonomous, rational citizen. By focusing on progressive educators’ construal of space and things as programmatic substitutes for the traditional teacher, this lecture interrogates the extent to which emergent discourses of pedagogy and design participated in the social construction of both childhood and citizenship in the modern era.
Dr. Ramirez-Jasso is the Acting Provost of Boston Architectural College. Her research interests span the history and theory of interiors, buildings, gardens and landscapes, particularly as they intersect with discourses stemming from literature, philosophy, pedagogy and art.  She holds a Ph.D. in the History and Theory of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning from Harvard University and has also received numerous recognitions and awards, including research fellowships from the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies, Fulbright and more.