Sewanee-at-Yale Program – Zsanett Peter, C'18

I am a current participant in the Sewanee-at-Yale program doing research in the genetics of child and adolescent psychiatry. My individual project focuses on investigating randomly arising germline (de novo) mutations in typically developing children with motor stereotypies. Stereotypies usually present with co-morbid autism spectrum disorder or intellectual disability. Therefore, investigating the genetic background of this disorder could not only help typically-developing children, but autistic and intellectually disabled children who suffer from motor stereotypies. I also go to the Tourette's/OCD clinic weekly, participate in rounds and observe psychiatry sessions with many of the physicians and therapists in the Child Study Center. Amongst all of that, I also take classes at Yale College. In my free time, I volunteer at a local high school where I teach children with special educational needs, and I am a part of Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship where I met most of my wonderful friends. The Sewanee-at-Yale semester program is truly a unique opportunity that offers a wide variety of ways to thrive not only academically and in the research setting, but also as a person. One event that I deeply enjoyed and believe I would have never otherwise had the chance to participate in is the pediatrics hack-a-thon. A hack-a-thon is a 36-hour event where clinicians, researchers, engineers, designers and business people get together to design products to innovate healthcare. This event allowed me to collaborate with many people of different backgrounds working in different scientific/medical fields. I can truly and honestly say that coming to Yale has been the biggest and most rewarding adventure of my life.