Vanderbilt-Sewanee Research Experience (V-SURE) ā€“ Veronica Gordillo-Herrejon, Cā€™17

The Vanderbilt-Sewanee Undergraduate Summer Experience has given me countless opportunities to explore in depth what it means to be a physician as well as a researcher. During one summer at Vanderbilt University I did research with Dr. Jennifer Pietenpol, the director of the Ingram-Cancer Center. I also shadowed various pediatricians and dermatologists who have all given me a deeper appreciation for doctors' innovative ways of extending the lives of their patients and providing quality care. Conducting research on triple-negative breast cancer has also given me profound knowledge of the current advances in skin cancer and the innovative ways of treating patients with aggressive forms of skin cancer. While this experience helped me understand the importance of medical research, it also challenged me by pushing me out of my comfort zone and kept my inquisitive mind engaged. I was given the opportunity to present my research to two labs at Vanderbilt and to the rest of the campus during the Vanderbilt Science Summer Academy Poster session.